Thursday, August 24, 2017

Extracurricular Activities

I asked the boys if they wanted to play soccer last month and they did, so I signed them up.  Sawyer had practice last week and Zach took him.  We did this hoping that he wouldn't have a meltdown while playing.  Zach said he lasted fifteen minutes before he had a major meltdown.  They came home shortly afterwards.  Zach suggested trying a ninja training class that is offered at the local gymnastics place and after some calls we found out that both boys could play.  They had their first class on Tuesday and both loved it.  I was anxious that Sawyer would get frustrated, but he did great. They both struggled with doing cartwheels, but had a blast in the upstairs part playing on the ropes and in the blocks.  Today, we tried soccer with Sawyer again.  He did great while they were practicing with the ball, but once they started scrimmaging he was done.  We decided soccer isn't going to happen this year for Sawyer.  Ethan has soccer practice on Tuesdays at the same time as Ninja class, so he has to decide between soccer or ninja class.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hectic Day

What a day it's been.  We have been going all day long.  We started off by Zach taking Ethan to school while Aubrey, Sawyer, and I headed to Jackson for Sawyer's appointment.  We've decided to take Sawyer to a counselor to help him with his anxiety.  It's very similar to what I deal with, and we don't know how to help him with it.  I'm still working on how to handle my anxiety, and want to help Sawyer.  Zach and I reached the conclusion that a counselor would be the best option.  We're hoping that this will allow him to learn coping mechanisms to alleviate his outbursts.  We met with the doctor who asked lots of questions regarding the issues Sawyer has been dealing with.  He'll see her once a week at first.  He was fine throughout the appointment because she had lots of toys to play with, so him and Aubrey played while we talked.

When the appointment was over I had a chiropractor appointment.  Once my back had been adjusted we discussed what the plan would be.  Zach didn't have class until 1, so we decided to head for some lunch before me and the kids headed back home.  We tried out a new place called "The Feathered Cow", which is a hamburger place.  The burgers were really good, but I wasn't a fan of the fries.  We were all hungry and ate it up.  Sawyer said his sprite caused his eyes to tear up.

While we were eating and heading back to drop Zach off at his car, Zach called Blaine's office to set up an appointment for Sawyer.  He's had a wound on his elbow for a few weeks ago that hasn't gotten better and seems to be infected.  Other little bumps started showing up around it, so we were worried about what was going on with it and if it was staph.  Zach was able to get an appointment for 2 p.m.  We headed home for about an hour until it was time to go.  We had to check Ethan out because we wouldn't be back in time to pick him up.  I've been needing to get my tires aligned for some time, so I dropped the car off across the street from the doctor's office.

In the waiting room Aubrey had fun making new friends.  The boys had fun looking at magazines and talking about the things they wanted to buy.  While we waited to be seen by Blaine the boys had fun pretending to be doctors and helped fix each other with the glove that the nurse let them have.  Aubrey had fun playing on the chair.  At one point she was sitting and the boys asked me to look at them.  When I turned a second later Aubrey fell of the chair.  I felt like a bad parent on that one, but Blaine walked in and checked her out and deemed her okay.  Then it was time to check Sawyer out.  He decided it was impetigo and prescribed a steroid cream.  Both of us thought the cream was better than an oral antibiotic since Sawyer hates the "white medicine" as he calls it.

We then headed back to the car place fully expecting the car to be finished.  It wasn't, and a little while later they called me up to tell me all sorts of great news.  Several things need to be fixed on it before the tires can be aligned.  Zach and I decided to just get the back tire replaced for now and would talk about what we could do on our own later.  That took another hour.  The guy felt bad for me, I guess, because the he put on a kid show about thirty minutes of us sitting around.  The kids were going bananas at this point and were enjoying running around.  Aubrey managed to break off the water catcher on their water machine and dump all of the nasty water on her clothes.  To say that I was feeling stressed by this point is an understatement.

They finally finished and we headed to Walmart to pick up Sawyer's prescription.  Luckily it was ready for us when we got there, so we didn't have to spend very long inside.  We picked up some pizza for dinner since it was 4:30 at this point and the kids had gymnastics at 6:30.  We had to take something to Mama's house on our way home and I cleaned up before heading home for dinner.  Zach arrived, and the boys and I left for Ninja training class at 6.  I was a little nervous about it because we tried last year and Sawyer wouldn't participate because there were other kids.  He went right in tonight though and had a lot of fun.  Both of the boys struggled with cartwheels, but had a blast upstairs with the blocks and rope.  I'm not sure exactly what they did, but they had a great time and can't wait for next week.  They want to build a ninja warrior course to train on.  After some baths, the boys went to bed and Zach and I spent some time together before calling it a night ourselves.  What a crazy, busy day it was!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse

Today, we had a solar eclipse.  We were all advised not to look at it directly without proper eye protection as it could damage the eyes.  A lot of people were headed to parts of the country where you could view a full eclipse.  It wasn't high on my list of priorities to watch, so I only got one picture of it.  Zach watched it while at school.  Autumn was super excited about it, and was bummed when I wouldn't bring her Pawpaw's extra set of eclipse glasses.  I didn't win sister of the year today.  Pawpaw said he watched the whole thing and that it was neat.  Maybe in 2024 we'll watch the next one.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Such a Cutie

This girl is such a cutie.  With the boys at school, it's just me and her, hence more of the pictures I have lately are of her.  She loves to wander around the house and get into whatever she can find.  One of her favorite spots in my room is my sock drawer.  I keep my sports bras in there as well and she loves to pull them out and put them around her neck.  She does this with any piece of clothing big enough to put around her, including the boys' underwear.

Today, we had FHE at Crystal's house and while we visited and the kids played Aubrey and Granddaddy had fun together.  Dad has always played the leaping game with us, where we stand on his knees and then he quickly lays his legs down sending us flying.  We loved that game as kids, and he's done it with all of the grands too.  Aubrey's first time was tonight and she seemed to like it for a while.  She kept laughing, but didn't want to stand up all the way on his knees.

When she was finished playing the game her and Granddaddy laid down and snuggled.  The rest of the kids were jealous that they were too big to play the game, but begged to play all the same.  Granddaddy was too tired, but it was fun watching him and Aubrey play.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Yum, Yum

Daddy let Aubrey have her first Oreo today.  She is our fruit and vegetable eating child, but she also has a sweet tooth.  She ate the Oreo up!  She couldn't seem to get it in her mouth fast enough.  At one point she even put one whole side of the cookie in.  Needless to say, she was happy, and fully covered in mess afterwards.  But it was delicious!!!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Lazy Day

Sawyer's been bored without his brother at home.  He asks me several times a day when Ethan will get home from school.  Sawyer starts preschool in a week and a half, and is ready.  Today, was especially difficult to entertain kiddos as it was raining.  We hung out in my room for the better part of the morning so that Daddy could work.  Sawyer tried on his soccer cleats, and tried kicking his ball around the house.  He didn't appreciate it when I told him he couldn't do that.  Then we built legos on my bed while Aubrey played with some shapes.  I'm excited for Sawyer to start school, so that he has something to do with kids his age.  It was a good day though hanging out and building things.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mud Jumping

While Aubrey was enjoying snuggles with Daddy, the boys were enjoying hanging out with Uncle Brandon and Maki.  Uncle Brandon has been taking them all to the land over the last week to swim in the waterfall part of the creek.  A couple of days ago they didn't have swimsuits, so Brandon somehow convinced the boys to go skinny dipping.  I'm not sure how he managed that, but he did.  Another time they brought back crawfish that they had managed to catch.  Today, they were prepared with their swimsuits.  Sawyer had a hard time jumping at first, but eventually warmed up to the idea.  Maki and Ethan had no trouble at all.  They came home at dark smelling and happy and ready to go again tomorrow.