Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Tonight was the trunk-or-treat at church.  The kids were super excited about getting dressed up and getting candy.  We started the night by going to Pawpaw's.  Aubrey wanted a piece right away.  When I asked Ethan and Sawyer what they say in order to get a piece of candy, Sawyer said. "Can I have a piece of candy, please?"  It was funny and made me happy that what we've been working on is sticking.  It was also slightly sad to see that the kids don't understand what trick or treating used to be like.  It's definitely different than it was when we were kids.  Before leaving for Aunt Nadine's I insisted on a picture of them.  One day we may be able to get all three of them to look at the camera, but it didn't happen today.

We headed to Aunt Nadine's, then after getting a bunch of goodies we headed to church.  I actually bought some stuff to decorate the trunk with this year.  Zach was awesome and set it all up, while I helped Mrs. Carla.  We ate first and when I came back to the car after getting plates the boys had already left.  Zach was manning the car, and had sent the boys off on their own.  I didn't see them until they had made two rounds and their buckets were overflowing with candy.  Ahna brought Parker and Maki, and Maki managed to find them and made two rounds also.  Parker had a lot of candy as well.  Aubrey had fun getting candy, and tried eating every piece that she received.  After making it to every trunk, it seemed to be winding down.  Maki and the boys were playing when Ethan managed to run into a brick wall.  He ended up with a nice goose egg.  Aubrey was also getting sleepy, so we cleaned up the trunk and headed home.

The boys wanted to check out their loot and dumped it out on the table.  We made them some food since none of them really ate anything other than candy, hence the food in the pictures.  It was definitely a fun night and the kids ended up with enough candy to keep our stash full for several months.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Jackson Zoo

Yesterday, Carl called to ask if I could pick Miranda and the kids up from the airport if they couldn't get someone else.  It meant driving to New Orleans, and I didn't want to drive down there and back without doing something, so I suggested to Zach maybe going to the zoo, since I've heard it's pretty good and we've never been.  He thought it was a great idea, and planned on going.  Carl called later saying that Tony would be getting Miranda, so that meant our trip probably wouldn't happen.  Zach had already told the kids, but I was still debating on it.  This morning Ethan was upset because he kept biting his tooth.  I told him if he let me pull it out we would go on a trip.  He let me, so I removed it, and we got ready.  He is now missing his top two front teeth.  He's lost 5 so far and I've pulled three.  Side note: pulling teeth out is weird.  I didn't want to drive to New Orleans, so we settled for Jackson instead.  While we were heading that way we rescheduled Sawyer's appointment.  Zach dropped Sawyer, Aubrey, and I at the office and went with Ethan to get some Gigi's cupcakes.  After the appointment we ate lunch at Frisco's Deli, then headed to the zoo.

It was a fun trip.  The animals were pretty active and it was fun watching them and the kids.  When we first started out we could hear a monkey noise, and after some investigating we found out it was an ape, and it was having fun talking.  The leopard that was near kept roaring at it, and it was funny thinking that maybe the leopard was telling the ape to shut up!

 Our zookeepers!

 Listening to the apes!

The boys also found a pirate ship.  The zoo had a boo night during the weekend and still had the decorations out.  The boys thought all the Halloween stuff was awesome!

We also found the eagle nest and attempted taking pictures, but Aubrey just wanted to play.  We saw the mountain lions and it was fun watching them walk and interact.  Aubrey wanted to go over the outside fence to get closer, and she was not happy that she couldn't.

When we went through the bird area, we stopped at the aviary.  Sawyer and Aubrey tried catching the birds, and we had to keep telling them to stay on the path.  We also found the parrots.  Ethan had been asking about whether parrots really talk, and when we found them he tried getting it to talk.  It didn't, so after a few minutes we started to leave.  When we did, the parrot told us hi.  We stopped and tried to get it to say something, and when we went to leave again it spoke.  The boys were so excited about it talking to them.  In fact, Ethan said that was his favorite part about the trip.

We finished up, and were getting ready to leave when the boys spotted the carousel.  Of course they wanted to ride on it, so Zach went to get tickets, and while we waited they picked out which one they were going to ride.  Aubrey couldn't decide and kept going around trying different ones.  Zach rode with her and they ended up on a bench.  All of them had fun riding it and wanted to go again, but we headed to the playground instead, but not before getting a family picture.

The boys were a little disappointed by the playground since they were working on the big kid section and all that was open was the baby playground.  Aubrey loved the slide and went down several times.  It ended badly when se got turned around and went head first.  We attempted another family photo using my watch and it turned out pretty well.  I then attempted a photo with all three kids, but Aubrey was tired and wanted to play at this point, so it didn't work out.  Ethan had fun telling me where there were good photos for me to take of him.

We finished up and headed back home to pick up Maki from school.  All three kids passed out on the way home.  It was definitely a busy day and we were all tired.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Visiting Granddaddy and Pawpaw

This weekend was pretty relaxing.  We were able to go visit Dad yesterday morning, and while there he tried out his new hunting bag.  He's going to Kansas at the beginning of December for a hunting trip.  If he gets a deer he has to carry it out, vehicles and horses aren't allowed on the land, so he bought a special bag for it.  It allows him to carry the meat without soaking the bag in blood, and is built to keep pressure off of his back.  To demonstrate, he let Sawyer and Ethan take turns in the bag. They thought it was pretty cool, and wanted multiple turns, but that didn't happen.  Ethan couldn't figure out that he had to lean forward, not backward, and almost toppled Granddaddy a few times.  I'm pretty sure Dad is excited about this hunt, and is already preparing for it.

Today, Crystal invited everyone over for dinner.  I decided to make deviled eggs and pecan tarts.  Grandma Glory used to make them and Pawpaw really enjoys them, so we brought over a plate just for him.  It was supposed to be a quick in and out, but that never happens.  Aubrey wanted to come in and say hi to Pawpaw, she can even say his name and loves to visit him.  While we were inside she had to get her broom and sweep for Pawpaw.  As we were leaving we told her to tell Pawpaw bye, and she gave him a hug and a kiss on his cheek.  It was super cute and melted my heart.  I love that she loves her Pawpaw!

We left soon after and had some tasty dinner.  I'm glad that we live by family and can drop by to visit any time.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Our Crazy Kids

What an evening today was.  These kids are so silly and crazy.  I wanted to make some cupcakes, so the boys and Aubrey watched.  Aubrey was on the counter and while I was filling the cupcake holders up she dipped her finger in one of them.  I then let her have the paddle since she was already covered in cake batter.  She seemed to enjoy it, and couldn't get enough of the yummy goodness.  The boys happily licked the mixing bowl.  By the end they were all covered in batter.

After giving Aubrey a bath, Mama showed up to visit.  The boys were outside playing when Mama started laughing hysterically.  She had a front row seat to the boys being crazy and weird outside.  They had taken off their shirts and were throwing leaves at each other, when they pulled down their pants to get leaves out.  Instead they decided to throw leaves into each other's pants.  Later, Sawyer sat down on Ethan without anything on!  Mama also said that they compared sizes too! It took several shakes to get the majority of the leaves out of their clothes.  Having boys is definitely an adventure.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Relief Society Social

After our busy day in Jackson, I had a relief society activity at church tonight.  Mrs. Cabrina was in charge of it, and she did a great job.  It was about family history.  All of her ideas centered around remembering our ancestors and helping our kids know where they came from.  Part of the night was you could dress up like an ancestor if you wanted to, and some of the women were super creative.

She had so many ideas that helped with remembering ancestors.  There was a matching game on lids, a coloring book of pictures, transferring pictures to canvas or wood, a nightlight with a picture, jewelry, pillows, and a few more that I can't remember.  I loved the ideas, and want to do a few of them myself.  There was also food that was delicious, including some bakery cookies.  It was nice to visit with adults as well.  It was a great night and Mrs. Cabrina did an amazing job.