Saturday, May 5, 2018

Aubrey's Second Birthday

Yesterday was Aubrey's second birthday.  It's crazy to know that we will never have another one year old again.  Also, this means the terrible twos are on their way.  To celebrate her big day Miranda was asked her friend if she could borrow some horses and we'd ride around the land.  I was so excited to see her reaction to the horse.  I've said this a few times, but she is very much an animal lover.  She is slightly obsessed with them and will chase them down.  The poor baby kittens can vouch for the "loving" that she gives them!  We were originally going to ride horses all day, but unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate.  We changed up the plans, and got together at Mama's house for some hamburgers at lunch time.  We headed over a little early to hang out and enjoy some family time.  After a couple of hours we all split up with plans to head over to Crystal's later.  Aubrey needed a nap, and Miranda was picking up the horses.

Zach and I decided to make sticky chicken for dinner, since Aubrey loves rice and it's a pretty easy meal to throw together.  While we were waiting for Carl and Miranda to get back Zach and Brian played some games and Aubrey checked out her cake.  She absolutely loved it and wanted to look at all the animals.  At one point she even managed to get some of the frosting.  We tried out another person since the lady I usually use wasn't available.  The cake was super tasty and a hit with the kids.

I ran home to get candles and a few other things and when I got back Carl and Miranda were unloading the horse.  They had trouble loading them up, and were only able to bring one.  The two horses wouldn't load up together for some reason.  I quickly ran inside to get Aubrey and have Zach start cooking the chicken.  She was in love with the horse.  His name was Sapphire and she couldn't get enough of him.  She stood on the trailer while Miranda brushed him down and saddled him up.  Carl was surprised by how calm she was being so close to a huge animal.  The other kids wanted to help brush him down, and were more hesitant to get near him than Aubrey.  Once he was saddled up Aubrey had her first ride.  She rode like a pro.  We all hovered near her, but she didn't need any help.  She grabbed onto the saddle and that was that.

After Aubrey's ride it was time to let the other kids have a turn.  She was not happy about that and didn't want to get off.  Parker was next, and I didn't get a picture of him.  Then Ethan, Maki, and Sawyer all got a turn.  We also tried putting Madilynn on, but she started crying until Carl got on too. Aubrey kept following them around and at one point helped lead the horse with Aunt Rae Rae.

This picture reminded me of one of my favorite pictures of Maki and Ethan.
This was almost 4 years ago.

Once all the other kids had had a ride or two they were pretty much finished, but Aubrey was not ready to call it a day.  She rode and rode and rode.  She enjoyed pointing where she wanted to go and having Aunt Rae Rae lead the horse.  We stopped for a little bit to eat dinner, and it was hard to get her to eat.  She kept wanting to go back to Sapphire.  Once we finished eating we went back outside to ride.  At one point we went down the drive way and as we were coming back the horse neighed.  I was not expecting it and it scared me, but Aubrey was just fine.  In fact, she spent the rest of the time making her own neighing noises.

Once we got back from that trip, it was time for Aunt Rae Rae to have a turn.  Aubrey and Parker watched from the pool deck while the other three kids swam.  Miranda rode around the land and you could tell she definitely misses riding.  Hopefully one day she'll have her own horses again.  

Once Miranda rode for a little bit Aubrey was back on it.  We tried getting Madilynn and Aubrey to take a picture together, but Aubrey wasn't a fan of sharing the saddle.  Madilynn was all smiles though! I rode too, and decided that I would not be a good horse rider.  I couldn't get him to go and hated kicking his stomach.  Brandon and the rest of them got a good laugh at watching me try to get the horse to move!  After I came back we were finally able to convince Karla to get on.  Aubrey had one last ride then it was time to put him up.

Then we opened presents and sang happy birthday to Aubrey.  She wasn't sure about the singing and kept trying to stop everyone from singing.  When we told her to blow out the candle Parker beat her to it.  You can hear the pause on the video because everyone was shocked at it! It was pretty funny though and Aubrey didn't really understand what we were doing anyway.  She got some dresses and pjs from Crystal and Miranda as well as a stuffed cow from Miranda that she loved! She immediately started hugging and kissing it.  We gave her a Repunzel doll with Maximus the horse and she was in love with it too.  She brushed the doll's hair all the way home that night.  When we got home Grandma and Grandpa Hite's presents had arrived.  They sent her a lot of princess stuff that she loved! The necklaces have been a big hit and she loves wearing all five of them, as well as the Repunzel dress and magnetic Belle dress up doll.  She loves the stamps, but has to be watched while using them!

She hung out on the patio with the grands while I cleaned up inside the house.  Sawyer was upset at this point because he couldn't find his towel, but managed to calm down and wait for me to finish up.  Once it was clean I loaded the kids in the car.  Zach had left to play magic with Brian around 5:30, so I got the kids bathed and put to bed.  It was such a fun filled day! The kids all crashed hard and passed out immediately getting into the bed.  I am again so grateful to Miranda for borrowing a horse so we could make Bitty Bit's day special.  It was definitely a success and we may need to put her in riding lessons one day! 

I just want to end my post about our sweet Aubrey Belle.  She is such a sweet and sassy little girl.  She loves milk and snacks.  She still loves fruits, but also enjoys sweets.  She is a huge animal lover and loves to watch any movie with them in it.  She looks up to her brothers and will follow them around .  She tries to follow the big kids around and be part of what they are doing.  Aubrey gives us hugs and kisses and loves to push Zach and I together to have us hug.  She can be adventurous and will get into things if she's not being watched.  One of her favorite things is grabbing the toothbrushes and putting them into the toilet.  We've had to buy a few replacements the last few months.  She's struggling with the idea of sharing, and we're working on that with her as well as her speech.  We may end up putting her in therapy if it doesn't pick up.  

Aubrey loves dressing up and looking pretty.  She'll grab my chapstick if I don't put it away and tell me "pretty" after putting it on.  She's getting better at sitting still to let me fix her hair.  She loves to babble and tell me things while moving her head back and forth.  She loves to take my phone and watch movies on it or listen to music.  Her baby doll stroller is one of her favorite toys and she enjoys going outside to play with the kittens.  We absolutely love her and her sweet, funny self.  We're excited to see what her second year will bring.  

Friday, May 4, 2018

FPK Field Day

Sawyer's school year is coming to an end.  This was his last full week and we ended it with field day. Sawyer seemed a little anxious about it, and we didn't get off to a good start.  He wasn't a fan of having the papers pinned to his shirt, and was only fine with it when Mrs. Paula had him carry the ribbons outside.  He also didn't want to smile for the camera and I had to play the "Where's your smile?"  Soon after we arrived we were sent outside to wait for the parade of athletes.  Zach was sitting in the car while Aubrey slept.

First up was the sack race.  Sawyer was part of the second round and ended up having a meltdown.  He fell twice and the second time sent him into a fit.  I was able to calm him down for the most part and helped him get an egg and spoon.  He started walking and then as soon as the egg fell off he had a huge meltdown again.  This time I had to take him away from the situation and calm him down.  He didn't like racing and it took a few minutes to get him in a good spot.  This is a pretty normal behavior for him when he gets frustrated and when things don't work the way he thinks they need to.  He's a big perfectionist and shuts down when stuff is not exactly right.  We're working on it and seeing a doctor, but it has definitely been a big trial.

We joined his class again in time to participate in the obstacle course.  I explained to him that we weren't racing.  He was a little unsure, but once he went through it he was fine and had a blast.  He did it one more time and had just as much fun the second time.  Next, was tug-a-war.  Sawyer had so much fun with it.  He was in the front and helped pull it to his team's side.  The teams were a little uneven, and somehow all the girls ended up on teams each time.  They were all having a great time though.

When Mrs. Jane rang the bell again it was time for the races.  First up was the relay race.  Trying to get all of them lined up behind each other was interesting!  I was worried how Sawyer would react to it, but he thoroughly enjoyed it.  He was super fast and I loved seeing him run.  I really think he'd be good at track if he ever showed interest in it.  Then it was time for the 40 yard dash.  Sawyer cheated a little and turned around before reaching the line.  He was so excited to get back first and give Mrs. Paula a high five!

That was the end of the activities and we tried getting all of the kids together to take a photo.  It was more difficult than getting them lined up for the races.  They were all so excited and didn't want to stop moving around enough to take one.  Around this time Zach and Aubrey joined us.  Aubrey loved the flags and wanted me to take her picture.

We all gathered around near the oak tree and listened to Mrs. Jane talk about the year and the birthdays we were going to celebrate.  While waiting Sawyer wanted to climb into the tree, and we seemed to have started something because all of the other kids wanted to climb too, including Aubrey.  We then headed to the playground to eat some cake and ice cream.  Sawyer only wanted cake and loved it.  Aubrey was just happy to play on the playground.  We let the kids played for a little bit, then it was time to go.  Sawyer wanted a cake to go.  It was a good ending to a rough start of our day.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Our Sick Baby

Aubrey hasn't been feeling good the last several days.  She's been coughing, having congestion, and running a fever.  We took her to the doctor just to make sure it wasn't strep since she hasn't been eating, but she checked out fine and had something viral.  She has not been herself though and hasn't wanted to sleep at night.  This resulted in her falling asleep in my arms today.  This seriously never happens, so I enjoyed it because my baby is too busy being a toddler now to be rocked to sleep anymore.  We're hoping she'll feel better by Saturday since we're having her party then.  The boys have been coughing too, but they're old enough to take the good medicine!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Gymnastics and Planting

This week is the first time Ethan hasn't had three games.  Usually he has one on Tuesdays, but we lucked out.  I say lucked out because Sawyer has gymnastics on Tuesdays as well and it's been a challenge to get them both to where they need to be.  I took Sawyer today while Zach stayed home with Ethan and Aubrey.  It was the first time in a while that I was able to go inside.  I usually sit in the car with Aubrey because she tries to run everywhere.  I'm glad I went in because they came downstairs today to show what they've been working on.

First up was a back hand spring.  Sawyer did good the first time or two, then wanted to be silly and plop down like the rest of the boys in his class.  The second one was a ninja type move where they run up a pad and do a front somersault.  He got it his second time.  After they showed what they've been doing they headed back upstairs.

Ethan didn't have a ball game tonight, so when Sawyer and I got home it was time to plant some pumpkin seeds.  He's been asking me to plant them for about a week now because he remembers the patch we had growing last year.  I also had some seeds from my cheerios box to help the honey bee population.  Our FHE unit we've been working on is about nature, so it was a perfect activity to go along with our lessons.  The kids had a great time planting them, and helping Zach fill up the cup with soil.  They also wanted to water them, and Ethan accidentally watered a couple too much.  Hopefully they'll grow and we'll have some pumpkin plants in the next week.