Friday, December 29, 2017

Traveling to Atlanta

Wednesday, I enjoyed some snuggle time with the kids before we hit the road.  Yesterday we headed to Atlanta for Autumn's wedding.  I was slightly dreading the drive, and for good reason.  Sawyer and Aubrey were not fans of being stuck in the car for such a long time.  Ethan was fine thankfully.  He's to the point that he can entertain himself.  We didn't leave the house until 9 o'clock, but had to stop and get gas and dramamine in Hazlehurst.  I became very car sick almost immediately leaving the house.  We had to stop in Meridian because our tire had a leak.  Turns out they couldn't fix it, and they didn't have a tire in stock.  The kids were enjoying the break though.  They had fun chasing each other around the tires, while I was frustrated that it took three and a half hours to get two hours into our trip.  Zach bought some kind of fix it can and we left.  Right afterwards we stopped for some lunch, then hit the road again.

I was tired from the Dramamine, and fell asleep with the kids while Zach drove.  Eventually we stopped in Alabama almost near the Alabama/Georgia line for gas.  We brought the kids inside to stretch their legs and grab a snack, which made us all happy until it was time to get back in the car.

We arrived at the hotel around 6, and unloaded the car.  Mom and Dad had already checked in with Brandon and Karla, so our room was ready to go.  I was slightly distraught/frustrated at this point.  I realized somewhere in Alabama that my temple recommend was expired.  I had checked the month on it, and thought I was fine, but it turns out it was my old old one.  My current one had expired in October.  I was frustrated and disheartened that I wouldn't be able to see Autumn get married.  Dad called the bishop for me since he had his number.  After talking to Bishop Britt, he was able to interview me over the phone and then I had to call Mr. David as well.  When I got on the phone with him, he just laughed at me, but I was all set to go for the temple.  Mama told me later that Mr. Bruce was talking to Mr. Tommy and didn't understand how that happens to someone.  Mr. Tommy said, "Well, she is married to Zach.  She has three kids and him to worry and take care of." I felt so bad about it though.  I was feeling like I had procrastinated the day of my repentance big time!

That night we went to Chik-Fil-A for dinner after Autumn met up with us.  Half the lights weren't working in it, but it didn't stop the kids from playing  We were slightly judged by some people who were in there, but the kids had been cooped up in a car all day, and I was not about to make them sit for another hour.  There was some inappropriate conversation going on with all of us, and Mama could not understand what was being talked about.  It was pretty hilarious though.  After eating we headed back to the hotel to put the kids to bed.  It took quite a while to get them to sleep.  Aubrey kept waking up during the night, so neither one of us slept at all, and I was awoken at 4 o'clock by the news on the tv.  Ethan had turned it on, which then woke Aubrey up.  Too soon it was time to get ready for the wedding.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Day After Christmas

Today, the kids had fun playing around the house with their new toys.  Aubrey was loving the kitchen and kept cooking us new foods.  Ethan had fun building things in Minecraft, and having a bunch of pet wolves.  It was slightly frustrating watching him play, but he was enjoying himself.  One thing that I didn't miss while I was away was having a bathroom buddy.  Aubrey was so helpful in pulling out all of the towels and cleaning the water that she spilled.

The kids were having fun playing the ukuleles and singing.  I recorded Aubrey on the Marco Polo app, and she wanted to watch all of the videos.  When I tried recording the boys singing, the video stopped and she was quite upset about it.  It was cute hearing Ethan singing while Sawyer played though.

Later, the all three of the kids were gathered around the tv watching Ethan play his video game.  They even had snacks.  Aubrey also enjoyed wearing the boys' headgear.  Brandon, Karla, and Miranda came over to have dinner.  Karla wanted to make Enchiladas.  We all helped as best we could, with Brandon translating directions.  I was a little hesitant to try it because it was different, but it was really good.  She put salt and lime on the lettuce to make it sweet, and fried the tortillas before putting Zach's chicken in it.  Zach even asked for the bag of chilis so he could make it again.  It was a nice relaxing day and fun to try some authentic Mexican food.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Movie Date

I was excited to meet up with Patricia again.  This time we were taking the kids to see Ferdinand on Christmas day, with the hubbies too.  It was the perfect day to do it since everyone had off for work, and no one was up to anything much that afternoon.  We met up before it started and snapped some pictures of the kids while we waited for the guys to grab some refreshments.  It was nice to finally meet Scott, he's really nice and got a kick out of Zach's laugh!  The movie was pretty good.  It had funny parts, and enough action to keep the kids entertained.  I had a good laugh during the movie because Gavin and Sawyer are so similar.  They both had questions during the movie and don't know how to whisper! We parted with plans to have dinner on New Years.

Christmas '17

Christmas morning didn't come too early for us.  Ethan woke up around 5, but went to the front room without waking anyone up.  He did what I used to do and snooped around in the presents.  Eventually Sawyer and Aubrey woke up, and we called Grandma and Granddaddy.  We started opening presents around 6:45 and the kids were super excited.  The boys got scooters, ukuleles, and baseballs from Santa Claus and Aubrey got a play kitchen and sippy cups.  Sawyer got a blowup Christmas tree and toy snow balls as well.  Ethan got Minecraft, and Aubrey got a broom set.

Aubrey got clothes, a baby doll, a necklace and bracelet, and a few other toys from Grandma and Grandpa Hite.  Sawyer and Ethan got clothes, and a lion shooting game that they thought was super cool.  Zach got a few shirts, and I got some shoes and a sweet robe.  The boys got a castle building set, nerf bullets, Ninja Turtle movies/masks, and Perfection from us.  Ethan got new shoes, a paper plane making book, and some other things.  Sawyer got kinetic sand, a maze book, and a few other things.  Aubrey got pots and pans, a chair, a baby doll, and a few other things.  It was a good Christmas.  Grandma and Granddaddy left after the presents were opened so they could watch Parker and Madilynn open theirs.

Sawyer is definitely Zach's mini me in looks.

The rest of the morning was spent playing with all the new toys that they got.  The front room was the typical Christmas mess that took about two hours for me to clean up.  Aubrey was loving her new converse from Grandma Hite that she had to put on immediately after opening.  She loves new shoes! Ethan wrote me this sweet letter and wrapped it for me.  Sawyer wrapped one of my books, and one of Zach's magic decks.  They were having fun wrapping presents for everyone this year.  Sawyer even got his own wrapping paper.  Ethan had fun decorating his ukulele and playing it.

Later, we went over to Grandma's after Aubrey woke up to visit.  Karla and Brandon were going to watch Aubrey for us while we took the boys to see a movie with Patricia and her kids.  Brandon had a headache, so Mama and Karla ended up watching her together.  It was a good day.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve '17

We started the day off by going to church.  With it being Christmas Eve, we only had Sacrament meeting, and it started an hour later than usual.  Aubrey wore the Christmas dress Grandma Hite bought for her, and we were able to sit with Patricia.  We only had one talk, and a lot of songs, but it was a good meeting.

After church we went home for some lunch and naps, then went to Mama's to visit for a little bit.  Madilynn and Aubrey were super cute in the little car together, while the boys all played together.  Pawpaw came over as well, and Aubrey managed to get him to share his Dr. Pepper in a bottle lid.  She had several shots from him, and it was super cute watching them.  Zach had left to get some work done, and pretty soon it was time for the rest of us to leave too and finish getting food ready.

Somehow Zach and I forgot to get some photos of the spread, but we did Hite traditional sandwiches this year.  Mama also made buffalo wings and potato salad since Brandon would be gone for the big family party.  Karla was also there, she came to visit and meet the family for Christmas.  She also gave  Brandon some sweet penguin socks.  We also invited the missionaries for food, so we had a house full of people, including Pawpaw, minus Brian and Autumn's groups.  The food was tasty, and the company was nice.

We finally got to the part that the kids were most excited about, presents.  They each got to open the sibling exchange present, and the boys were excited about new nerf guns.  We also got new pajamas from Grandma that we all put on and took some cute pictures.  Madilynn and Parker even got horse pajamas! Aubrey got a cute cat from Brandon and Karla, while Miranda and I got some slippers, chocolate, and nail polish.  It was bath night, so we got them all in including Parker.  They had fun splashing and playing together.  All too soon it was time to call it a night.  Everyone went home, the kids went to sleep, and Santa Claus visited, eating some cookies, and bringing presents.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Back to Reality

Once we were back from the cruise it meant we had grown up responsibilities again.  We picked the kids up, headed home, and put Aubrey down for a nap.  I unpacked some stuff, and apparently one of the things that was out was my makeup bag because a little while after Aubrey woke up, we caught her in the act.  She had managed to open my eye liner and decided to put it on.  If she was attempting to put it in the correct spot, she missed, and ended getting it near her nose and all over her foot.  Mom was just glad it happened on our watch and she wasn't in charge.

I managed to get it all off after a lot of scrubbing, then we headed to town for some much needed groceries.  Mama had told the kids about their church Christmas party, and they wanted to go.  Zach and I wanted to just hang out at the house, but we decided to take the kids anyway.  We figured Santa would be there, and wanted to give the kids a chance to see him.

It was nice to see everyone from Hazlehurst, it's been a while, and the food was tasty.  After eating and visiting for a little bit Santa came to see the kids.  They were all super excited! They each got to sit on Santa's lap, and he had a present for them.  Parker didn't want to go anywhere near him, so he got to open the gift at the table.  All the other kids were fine with him, except Madilynn.  She followed her brother's lead and wanted nothing to do with him.  Probably the best reaction to Santa was Aubrey's.  She was absolutely in love with him.  She helped take stuff out of his bag, and kept going back to visit.  Once her doll was open she had Santa help feed the baby.  It was super cute.  When he left, she chased him down to say goodbye and gave him a hug.  I swear, this girl never meets a stranger.

Time at Grandma's

While Zach and I were on our cruise, Mama was in charge.  She didn't venture out of the house much with them, but they did go ice skating with Crystal and the girls.  Ethan tried really hard, but fell a bunch of times.  They also had fun climbing up a blowup slide and slide racing each other.  Aubrey tried to climb up the blowup too, but kept falling down.

They also ate Mexican one day and said that Aubrey went to town on the salsa and cheese dip.  At one point she was putting her face in the bowl to lick it.  She also did that with Mama's chicken and dumplings.  She had four bowls of it.  She seemed to be channeling her inner Ahna.  Sawyer slept in Mama's bed, and doesn't know how to give her space! In fact, the last night they were there Dad ended up on the couch because he couldn't sleep with little kid limbs hitting and poking him.  Ethan tried sleeping in Dad's recliner, but couldn't be still and had to move.  Mom was happy to see us come home and said that it had been too long since she'd had little kids.  She didn't miss the bickering from the boys and said that Aubrey was renamed Aubrey trouble maker because she kept playing with everything other than toys.